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Lanzhou University of Technology (LUT) is situated in Lanzhou, an important city on the ancient Silk Road and the capital city of Gansu Province, China. LUT was formerly called Gansu Provincial Technical College in 1919. Then it became Gansu University of Technology in 1958, and was renamed Lanzhou University of Technology in 2003. After nearly one hundred years of development, LUT has grown to be a top multi-disciplinary university, which features solid foundation in Engineering, increasing development in science fields, and unique characteristics in liberal arts.

LUT encompasses nine fields of study, i.e., Engineering, Science, Management, Literature, Legal Studies, Education, Medicine, Fine Arts and Economics. It holds 16 provincial key disciplines and 4 national defense disciplines, among which two disciplines—Engineering and Materials Science—rank among top 1% of ESI International Ranking. There are 5 postdoctoral research stations, 6 first-level discipline doctoral degree programs, 25 second-level discipline doctoral degree programs, 23 first-level discipline master degree programs, 92 second-level discipline master degree programs and 66 undergraduate programs in LUT, all of which are available for international students.

School of International Education (SIE) was founded in 2013, which is responsible for admission, management, Chinese language teaching as well as organization of culture exchange activities for international students. SIE has four divisions, i.e., Admission Office, Teaching Affairs Office, Student Affairs Office, and Chinese Language Teaching Center for International Students. LUT houses more than 400 international students from 34 countries.