Comprehensive Chinese Language Program


Target students


Level 1


Reach HSK level 3 and be able to use Chinese to study, in daily life, work and other aspects of basic communication.

Level 2

Students whose Chinese language proficiency is HSK 3 or above

Reach HSK level 4 and meet the Chinese proficiency requirements of most Chinese-taught majors in Chinese universities

Level 3

Students whose Chinese language proficiency is HSK 4 or above

Reach HSK level 5 and meet the Chinese proficiency requirements of most Chinese colleges and universities when they graduate from Chinese-taught majors.

1. Highlights

  • Small class size:no more than 20 students per class (classes will not start if applicants are less than 5)

  • Comprehensive improvement:we emphasize on listening, speaking, reading and writing to help students improve upon their Chinese proficiency in all aspects.

  • Certificate of completion:students who successfully complete the program will receive a transcript of their Chinese language studies and a certificate of completion.

  • Scholarship opportunities:students with excellent grades will be given priority during admission into our academic programs and will have the opportunity to receive one of the many LUT scholarships.

2. Fees

Tuition fee: CNY5,000/semester; CNY10,000/year

Accommodation:CNY3600/year(double room); CNY7200/year(single room)

Medical Insurance: CNY400/half year;CNY800/year

Registration fee: CNY400

3. Application documents

(1) Photocopy of passport homepage

(2) Notarized highest diploma and transcripts (languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations).

(3) Proof of no criminal record

(4) Scanned copy of valid Foreigner Physical Examination Form

(5) Financial guarantee letter  Letter of Financial Guarantee.docx

4. How to apply?

(1) Login to to apply online

(2) Pay the application fee

5. Mode of payment
Visit mode of payment for more information.

6. Contact us

School of International Education

Lanzhou University of Technology

Coordinator: Ms.Cui Lihong; Ms.Guo Yufeng
Add: 36 Pengjiaping Road, Qilihe District, Lanzhou, Gansu, China
Tel: +86-931-2757776


附件【Letter of Financial Guarantee.docx