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Jan 12, 2023


1.Materials required:

(1)Letter of Admission

(2)Visa Application Form for Foreign Students(JW201/JW202)

(3)Passport and two copies of the first page ofyou passport

(4)Two copies of your visa page (including the entry stamp from the immigration office as you arrived)

(5)8 copies of passport photo

(6)Original Physical Examinationfrom at the designated hospital by the Chinese Embassy in your country

(7)The original highest degree and transcripts

(8)A certicate of HSK4 or above(Chinese language students are excluded)

2.Date of registration

Please get registered at the School of International Education (SIE) of LUT at the required date. Failure to register within two weeks after the required date without approval for late registration, you will be automatically withdrawn by LUT.

3.Here is what you should do upon registration:

(1)Pay the following fees (Chinese government scholarship and international Chinese language teachers scholarship students are excluded): tuition fee, accommodationfee, insurance fee. Please note that tuition fee,accommodation and insurance can be paid on a term/year basis. You’ll get one term academic resident permit for a term-based payment and one year RP for ayear-based payment.

(2)Get your dorm keys.You may purchase bedding items from the stores on campus or bring your own.

(3)Get the class schedule(available at Teaching Office of SIE for Chinese language students; degree-pursuers can check the teaching system) and purchase the required textbooks.

(4)Apply for a bank account from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC). It is essential as all kinds of payments requires a local ICBC card and scholarships are transferred directly via banks account.You must giveyour bank accountinformation to the office of SIE. In case of lost, please bring your passportto the bank immediately for cancellation and replacement, than renew you rinformation to the officeas soon as possible or your scholarship will god irectly to the previous account.

(5)Get a SIM card for your phone. This phone number serves as your most important communication with LUT. SIE should be updated with any change to your number.

(6)Please download WeChat App to join in SIE WeChat group for important notices and events on and off campus..

(7)You must bring your physical examination report and go to Gansu Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to get it certified.

(8)Apply for your Campus Card and student ID Card. For cancellation and replacement in case you lose them, please come to the Office of International Student Affairs as soon as you can.

(9)Participate in the opening ceremony and student orientation concerning personal safety, Chinese law and university regulations.

5.Visa or Residence Permit Application

(1)Students who plan on living on campus and finish registration will obtain a Recommendation Letter from the SIE before applying for Residence Permit at the Exit and Entry Administration Office of the Public Security Bureau in Lanzhou.

(2)To live off-campus, you must obtain approval from the SIE first upon registration, please visit https://admission.lut.edu.cn/Visa.htm for more.