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Perceiving the Charm of Intangible Cultural Heritage
Jul 15, 2022

Experience Taiping drum performance

Participate in paper-cutting experience activities

Group photo

On July 5, 2022, SIE organized a cultural experience activity to perceive the charm of intangible cultural heritage at the Lanzhou Taiping Drum Education and Protection Practice Base.The theme of this activity is "Perceive the Traditional Culture of Lanzhou and Experience the Charm of China's Intangible Cultural Heritage". A total of 40 international students from 12 countries including Pakistan, Yemen and Laos participated in the activity.

During the activity, the international students in China visited the Lanzhou Taiping Drum Exhibition Hall and the Chinese Drum Culture Exhibition Hall successively, learned about the origin and development of the Taiping Drum, different drum array arrangements and evolution rules.They experienced Lanzhou Taiping Drum, pottery, paper-cutting, traditional Chinese culture education and farming, and deeply felt the characteristic regional culture and ethnic folk culture of Gansu province. Cao Tianyou, an international student from Yemen, said: "This event is very interesting. I learned a lot of cultural knowledge through visiting and experiencing. This is the most exciting moment for me to study in China." Ali from Turkmenistan quoted "do as the Romans do" summarizing this event. He said: Intangible cultural heritage is the essence of cultural essence, and it is the summary and concentration of people's living habits and customs. It is really meaningful to lead us to visit and experience the intangible cultural heritage items in this event.

This cultural experience activity takes the national intangible cultural heritage project as the starting point, and aims to guide students to understand and perceive the splendid and profound Chinese culture through the personal participation and experience of foreign students in China, and to understand the true, multi-dimensional and panoramic view of China.