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SIE Held an Online Opening Ceremony for New Students of 2023
Sep 20, 2022

On the afternoon of September 20, 2022, the School of International Education (SIE) held an online opening and orientation ceremony for the newly admitted students of 2022/2023 academic year. Thirty-six undergraduate and graduate students from 11 countries, together with the entire faculty and staff of SIE attended the ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Professor Liu Yongping, Dean of SIE, gave a keynote address on the history of the University, the progress of international students’ education, and the current size of the international student body amongst many others. He shared inspirational stories of international students at home and abroad helping each other overcome difficulties. Prof. Liu further went on to highlight three important expectations he had for the 2022/2023 freshmen. Firstly, he hoped that students would readily get acquainted with the learning methods and environment of this new stage of academic life as soon as possible. This they could do by enriching their knowledge base, correcting their learning attitudes, and attending lectures on time, while disciplining themselves in all other aspects. Secondly, he urged the students to actively integrate into campus life, and master the art of learning the Chinese language and literacy. Finally, Prof. Liu hoped that students would make full use of this rare learning opportunity to study in China by enthusiastically participating in various cultural experiences and practice activities as well as gaining an in-depth understanding of the unique Chinese culture and developmental achievements of modern-day China. By this, they are able to well introduce their ideas and experiences to more people, thus, playing a positive role in promoting people-to-people connections all over the world.

Mombeki Pea Hamir Johan, a doctoral student from Congo (Brazzaville), gave a speech on behalf of all the international students and congratulated all new students on coming to Lanzhou University of Technology to study. He assured all the freshmen through the narration of his life experience that in the near future, they would see and realize all the hard work invested in order to study in China was worthwhile. He also encouraged the new students to pay attention to their studies, be good at summarizing, develop a proactive attitude and make progress in all aspects in order to keep making themselves better. Vu Thi Cam Thuy from Vietnam gave a speech on behalf of all the new students of 2022/2023 academic year. She shared her personal challenges encountered in learning Chinese, the satisfaction of overcoming her difficulties, her expectations of life in Lanzhou University of Technology, and the joy of being admitted to the Chinese government scholarship program. Through her own story, she encouraged all the new students to cherish learning opportunities and study hard. She hoped that through good cooperation with teachers, each and everyone can learn something beneficial.

At the closing stage of the ceremony, Cui Lihong, director of the Office of Student Admissions, elaborated on issues concerning scholarship management from aspects of scholarship requirements, distribution of stipends and scholarship evaluation, etc. Duan Ying, director of the Academic Affairs Office, also followed with an introduction of the curriculum requirements and guidance on the use of the student Management Information System. The final remarks were given by Zhang Lei, director of the Students Affairs Office, who introduced personnel responsible for the management of student affairs. He went on to explain the requirements for attendance and post-entry management services as well.