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International Student Won the National First Prize in the "Understanding China's New Era" Grand Prix
Nov 22, 2022

National First Prize Winning Work "Master of the River"


On November 22, 2022, the International Exchange Center of the International Liaison Department of the CPC Central Committee organized the Online award ceremony of the Themed Essay, Photography and Short Video Contest through HUAWEI Cloud Meeting. SALLAM ADHAM SAMER HEZAM, an international student from Yemen, one of our 2020 undergraduates in civil engineering, won the first prize in the photography category.

SAMER wrote in the description of the work "Master of the River":

When I first set foot on the land of Guilin, I did not expect that I would come to a beautiful paradise on earth; Everything in Guilin is beautiful and wonderful for me, where I met a lot of Chinese friends full of positive energy, they gave me a lot of help; The seven-day trip is the best time of my life. This photo is also the most beautiful sunset I have ever taken—— the time and place are favorable, the people are brilliant, the green water and green mountains, and everything is perfectly combined in this photo, which is the most perfect interpretation of China's green development concept of "Green mountains are gold mountains".

"Understanding China’s New Era" themed essay, photography and short video contest was held From March to October 2022, a total of 3,688 entries were received from international students and alumni studying in 196 universities in China from 133 countries, of which 105 won the first, second and third prizes. Combined with the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's reply to international students, the Grand Prix is held for all international students at home and abroad, as well as alumni who have studied in China since 2012, aiming to tell the new era of China in their eyes with personal experience and personal feelings through the views and understanding of international students and alumni studying in China in all aspects of China in the past ten years. The contest deepens people-to-people exchanges, promotes mutual learning among civilizations, shows a true, three-dimensional and comprehensive China, and the good spiritual outlook of international students in China.