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School Leaders Visit and Express Chinese New Year's Greetings to International Students
Jan 21, 2023

Tiger(hu) sends blessings to bid farewell to the old year, and Rabbit(tu) presents auspiciousness to celebrate the new year.On January 21, 2023, as the New Year's Eve is approaching, Xia Tiandong, LUT CPC Committee, visited the international students who stayed on campus at the student apartment. While giving them New Year gifts, he wished the students success in their studies and a happy New Year. He hoped that they would learn more about Chinese culture, spread the excellent traditional Chinese culture, and strive to be ambassadors for the exchange of human civilizations.

International students thanked the school for the warm care. SOYPHOMMACHANH BAIPHOD, a student from Laos communicated with the leaders and shared his understanding of the Chinese Spring Festival and his experience of celebrating the Chinese New Year for the past two years in China. He appreciated the school leaders and teachers for organizing this kind of activities each year in which international students could feel home-like warmth, reunion and care.